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The Right Style For Your Kitchen Tile

For kitchen remodeling projects of any kind, you are probably going to be faced with the choice of which types of tiles to install. Tiles can range from $1 to $4 per square foot for Ceramic, $2 to $7 per square foot for Porcelain Tile and up to $35 per sq.foot for Natural Stone including Marble,Granite,Slate or Travertine Tile . Some will hold up much better than others.  Also, even your geography might have an affect on how much your envisioned style will cost.  There are quite a few factors that will influence your decision, but we are here to help you understand the options, and narrow down what fits best for your kitchen-remodeling project.


Ceramic Tile Basics

Ceramic tiles are basically mixtures of granulated geological particles, such as talc and shale, which are mixed in with clay.  Then style-enhancing pigmentation and other textures may be added through various means.  After that, the tile is fired and hardened.  Tiles can vary in hardness, brittleness, glossiness, and durability, as this largely depends on the geological makeup of the tile and how it was fired.

The term used for a hardened tile is called ‘glazed’, as the hardening process causes the tile to have a glossy finish.  There are two types of glazed tiles: single-glazed and double-glazed.

The advantage of double-glazed tile is that the gloss is brilliant and vibrant.  However, the tile often becomes hardened to the point of brittleness, which is why double-glazed tile tends not to be the first choice for kitchen remodeling projects.  Especially if you are installing the tile on your countertops, you should opt for single-glazed tile in most cases.  Because the tile was hardened once, it is can take abuse, as it will have the right level of hardness versus give.

Floor Tiles usually come in 12”,18″ and 24” squares, however, this usually does not factor into the cost, as you will almost always have to pay per square footage.  This usually results in more of a style preference, and not a prevalent influencing aspect of your budget.  The cost of ceramic tile is almost always wrapped up in the material and process of manufacture.


Foreign Tile: Fashion or Practicality?

Using tiles that come from other countries can add an enchanting luster of foreign style.  Often, these tiles can bring a historical look, and when added to the modern touch of stainless steel fixtures and appliances, it can really transform your kitchen-remodeling project into a sophisticated fashionable masterpiece.

However, there are a few things you should certainly consider before deciding to invest in foreign tile.

Many types of older-style tiles have their drawbacks.  Of course, they were originally developed before the modern era, so they will not have the advantages that newly designed tiles will have.

For instance, travertine tile possesses that enchanting feeling of archaic Italy.  However, travertine’s durability factor certainly lacks, especially for use in high traffic areas.  Because of travertine’s geological makeup, it breaks down easily in the presences of acidic and corrosive materials.  Also, tiles with materials that originate from overseas tend to be far more expensive, due to the cost of transport.  If you choose tile that contains materials that are found in your general region, the cost will drop dramatically.

The best tiles for your kitchen-remodeling project are not always going to be the most expensive.

Posted on Nov 30, 2015
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