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2013 Tile Trends – Vintage, Large Format, and Metallic


Tile is one of the most versatile and beautiful materials with which to decorate any home. There are thousands of unique shapes, styles, textures, and colors which are designed to help homeowners customize their living space. There are tiles which are patterned to imitate wood, tile with metallic hues, large mosaic images formed from thousands of tiny tiles, and even tile that is touch sensitive. With so much to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin.


When looking for interior design inspiration for your next bathroom or kitchen remodel, on the heels of Atlanta’s own Coverings 2013, here are the hottest tile trends that everybody is talking about this year.




The first of the 2013 trends is fun and exciting. Vintage, just like in everything else in the fashion and design world this year, has made a major comeback. With this wave comes the possibility for unique patchworks, vibrant design, and creative patterns that will brighten up and add character to any home.


Vintage tile takes away the austere parameters of “everything has to match” and adds a whole new avenue of color to the possibilities. With vintage, it’s more mixing, less matching, in efforts to create a look that’s just retro enough to be attractive.


Bonus Tip: Pairing patchwork textures with contrasting hues, even for a small portion of a room, creates an eye-catching design that can liven up a plain room.


Large Format Tile


large-format-glas-tile-kitchen-back-splash-atlanta-tileTile in Large Formats broke onto the contemporary covering scene in 2012 in varying shapes and sizes – but this year, large format has become extra large format with dimensions per tile reaching 16×32” and upwards. Yet, where one might imagine these broad shapes to seem like the interior of warehouses, they bring about an eclectic and bold feel that adds a unique dynamism to any modern home.


Another trend in correlation with large format is the long skinny tiles patterned horizontally. This style tends to open up a room by bringing a sense of height and openness to an otherwise closed in space.


Bonus Tip: Combine large format and small format tiles in similar hues to add depth and texture to any room.



Metallic Hues


For the contemporary homeowner looking to add a sleek touch to any kitchen, bathroom, or other living space, metal is certainly the tile texture of the hour. The new trend in metal tile aren’t static squares of one shade, but pieces full of unique textures and styles that blend together brilliantly. The top choice from tile experts is undoubtedly stainless steel, as it will retain its luster over time, comes in a variety of shades and hues, and is stain resistant. Consumers are starting to demand shimmering textures that spark life into a home’s interior.metallic-tile-backsplash-atlanta-tile


It’s not just the metal in and of itself that’s catching the eye of home designers, it’s the variety of textures, styles, and technology that the metal creates the possibility for. Texture brings a three-dimensional aspect, an eye-popping wow factor to any typical room.


Bonus Tip: Use Metal as a kitchen backsplash, it’s easy to install and will transform the appearance of any kitchen.

Posted on Jan 25, 2016
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